Destination: Budapest, Hungary

Peaceful and lively capital of Hungary treasures the old and embraces the new. Visit the "Little Paris of Middle Europe", as the city is called, or the city where history blends with the modern in a unique way.

Not only monuments will amaze you witnessing 1,000-year-old culture, but also relics of different settlers. Enjoy stunningly beautiful Art Nouveau architecture with Budapest as its leading example among cities in Europe and North America. Museums and galleries, churches and synagogues, monuments and palaces, baths and pools reflect the impact of Secession architecture in the city. Meet two distinct sides of one city: suburban Buda and dynamic Pest. Make a journey back to history through medieval streets and houses, museums, caves and Roman ruins in Buda. Yet, if you would like to feel the lively atmosphere, visit Pest with its riverside promenades, flea markets, bookstores, antique stores and café houses. Budapest will amaze you with its offer as variety of leisure, entertainment and relaxation activities will be providedt.
Chain Bridge
The Széchenyi Chain Bridge is a suspension bridge that spans the River Danube between Buda and Pest, the western and eastern sides of Budapest, the capital of Hungary.
Buda Castle
Built on the southern tip of Castle Hill, bounded on the north by what is known as the Castle District, famous for its Medieval, Baroque, and 19th-century houses, churches, and public buildings.
Buda Castle
The oldest part of the present-day palace was built in the 14th century by Stephen, Duke of Slavonia, who was the younger brother of King Louis I of Hungary.
Buda Castle
King Sigismund significantly enlarged the palace and strengthened its fortifications.
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In practice, we often encounter situations when the event is organized by the company itself because it does not seem as an issue. “ The hall shall just be rented, we should come up with some program and send invitations”.
Derrick DeKlerk, Canada
History Professor
"As a history professor I always wanted to visit Bosnia for its rich history..."
“As a history professor I always wanted to visit Bosnia for its rich history. Thanks to Velvet Life and their professional organization I witnessed all the historical sites from the period of Ottoman Empire, the transition to modern day Bosnia and impact of it. Thank you Velvet Life for meeting my expectations”.
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"Thank you for your professionalism"
“I have been to Bosnia couple of times but the time with Velvet Life was definitely the best. Velvet Life managed to show me places I have never seen before and probably would have never found them if I planned the trip by myself. Thank you for your professionalism. "
Visited : AL, AT, BA, HR, HU, ME, RS, SI
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