Types of journeys: Dubrovnik, Honeymoon & Romance

With sound of sea, ancient medieval walls, and architectural wonders, Dubrovnik is a town in Croatia as designed for love and romance. In the ambience of peace and intimacy, live your own fairytale.

Enjoy the compelling view of the sunset, take a stroll through Dubrovnik’s most romantic promenade, Lapad. Feel the smell of the blue sea and make lovers’ walk at Lokrum Island. Dubrovnik, as pearl of Adriatic sea, will provide you with most luxurious accommodation and exclusive treatment throughout your stay. Also, you will feel warmth and hospitality of local people, and simplicity and intimacy of exploring Old Town streets on your own and finding your unique spot. Your everyday of journey will be colored by pure romance, since you will enjoy virtually every spot in the town. Discover whether the title of one of most romantic places shall be synonym for Dubrovnik.
Stradun or Placa
The limestone-paved pedestrian street runs some 300 metres through the Old Town, the historic part of the city surrounded by the Walls of Dubrovnik.
Sea Walls
Sea Walls are much smaller than the land walls, due to additional protection by the high seaside cliffs.
Rooftops in Dubrovnik's Old City
Few of Dubrovnik's Renaissance buildings survived the earthquake of 1667 but fortunately enough remained to give an idea of the city's architectural heritage.
Old Port Dubrovnik
The port is encompassed by two breakwaters: breakwater Porporela in front of St. John fortress and Kaše breakwater going perpendicular across the port bay.
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Sit back and relax
In practice, we often encounter situations when the event is organized by the company itself because it does not seem as an issue. “ The hall shall just be rented, we should come up with some program and send invitations”.
Elvira Xhema, Norway
Kindergarten teacher
“Traveling with a group is never an easy task, but Velvet Life made it very enjoyable and stressless."
“Traveling with a group is never an easy task, but Velvet Life made it very enjoyable and stressless. We loved Bosnia and all the nature it possesses. The part that made our trip even more relaxed is the fact we had a very luxurious van to travel with and a driver that was available to us 24/7. We are looking forward to come back to Bosnia with Velvet Life.”
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Nana Ibrahim, Singapore
“We all fell in love with Bosnia and Croatia, due to excellent and personalized service..."
“We all fell in love with Bosnia and Croatia, due to excellent and personalized service by the tour guide. We are already promoting Velvet Life to our Ellias Couture customers and friends. One of amazing VL tour guides is already planning our next trip with my cycling group, and we must have him as our guide, because he’s good at sports too!”
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