Special offers: Experience Ramadan in Sarajevo

We at Velvet Life offer tour programs during the holy month of Ramadan. This year, visit us and experience Sarajevo, and let us guide you through our customs and unique atmosphere.

Besides our scheduled programs within our offer, we will prepare programs according to your requests and preferences during the entire month of Ramadan. Feel Ramadan spirit and enjoy Sarajevo to the utmost. During Ramadan 2015, the second Sarajevo Ramadan Festival will be held, with an aim of representing Ramadan tradition and richness of Islamic culture and art. Ramadan in Sarajevo is worth experiencing, thus representing distinct and immeasurable experience for all believers. The entire town breaths its spirit. From dawn until the sunset, believers are devoted to living in the best possible manner by refraining from food, beverages and bad habits. The sacrifice itself is distinct in Sarajevo spirit, and believers are encouraged to persist by viewing all the respect and gratitude to the Ramadan by both believers and non- believers. Due to its diversity, Sarajevo’s Ramadan is particularly stunning because all cultures recognize and adhere respect to it. Religious program is most extensive during the holy month. Tarawih pray as the additional pray that is being conducted only in this month, and the mukabela consisting of Kur’an’s authentic text and messages being conveyed and interpreted so that mosques are full of believers. The food is different during Ramadan, with special preparation, love and dedication and indispensable smell of somun before iftar. After the iftar is announced by the cannon from Yellow Fortress, the fasting stops followed by pray and lightening from mosque’s minarets, absolute food pleasure being particularly special and delicious after a day long fasting. As it is usually said, the tradition after fasting continues thus spreading the atmosphere throughout the night until sehur. Throughout main Sarajevo streets, Ferhadija and Sarači, people are patiently looking for places with beloved ones to enjoy the sweetest coffee, the one after iftar. And there the story on Bosnian coffee culture starts. Experience long conversations, business meetings or family reunion with a cup of strong, authentic Bosnian coffee. The conversation goes on by pray in the mosque and the very dawn. Do not miss to spend Bajram, the greatest Muslim holiday after a month of fasting. Enjoy precious time of recoup after an excellent mental and physical testing and challenge. Our program will be designed for you to feel the real spirit of Ramadan, to be thankful for all you have and for visiting another magnificent destination as Bosnia and Herzegovina is.
Ramadan in Sarajevo
We at Velvet Life offer tour programs during the holy month of Ramadan.
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In practice, we often encounter situations when the event is organized by the company itself because it does not seem as an issue. “ The hall shall just be rented, we should come up with some program and send invitations”.
Maida Saracevic, Norway
kindergarten teacher
“Thank you Velvet Life for showing to me yet another beauty of my country.”
“I have been to Bosnia many times so far, since it is the country where I come from but Velvet Life made is possible even to surprise me with new and astonishing places in my own country. They were very professional, kind and innovative. Thank you Velvet Life for showing to me yet another beauty of my country.”
Visited : AL, AT, BA, HR, HU, ME, RS, SI
Colleen Logie, Canada
“Bosnia is an astonishing country, very warm and welcoming..."
“Bosnia is an astonishing country, very warm and welcoming. Our tour and tour guide were great, I very much appreciated all the help he provided to us. Thank you Velvet Life for making our trip perfect.”
Visited : AL, AT, BA, HR, HU, ME, RS, SI
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