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Nested at altitude of 1636m amazing glacier Prokoško Lake at Vranica mountain with its highest peak - Nadkrstac at 2112 m.a.s.l are ideal hiking destination for any true nature lover who seeks amazing scenery, untouched nature and understanding of Bosnian rural/nomad village life.

We’ll have to start our journey quite early from Sarajevo at 8 AM in aim reach town of Fojnica as early as possible. At Fojnica, town historically known for healthy thermal waters and gold mining, we focus our visit to Franciscan Monastery dating some 650 years ago, where we learn and see the interesting story about "most likely, oldest written document on human rights - ahdnama” written some 550 years ago after Ottoman conquest of Bosnia in 1463. Later we start our 16 km long, macadam and totally forested drive, with plentiful of small creeks crossing our way, to reach Prokoško Lake and get to see why this area is nicknamed for "Bosnian Swiss”. Glacier made, Prokoško Lake is "nested” at 1636 m.a.s.l, with number of old, shingle covered, shepherd’s wooden huts - Katuni at its vicinity and amphitheatre of Vranica mountain behind, are definitely something not to miss for any nature lover during the trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina. No doubt about it. As soon as we arrive at lake and dozen of photos already taken, we’ll get ready for our hike and pack up some of the local specialties, most importantly local bread, sheep cheese and locally made tea. Before start visitors are free to explore region of the lake itself and maybe get lucky to see endemic species such as Vraničko Zvonce (Edraianthus niveus), Bosanska Zvonička (Symphyandra hofmannii) or the famous endemic amphibian Triton, which only lives in Prokoško lake (Triturus alpestris reiseri), discovered in 1891 by Othmur Reiser, ornithologist of National Museum in Sarajevo, when this species are was named after him. Our goal that day is to do roughly 6 hour hike and peak up the Vranica mountain - Nadkrstac at 2112 meters above sea level. Starting point will be at Prokoško lake at 1636 meters above sea level what will give us roughly 500 meters altitude gain. Mountain of Vranica is full of small, clean and cold creeks running down the cascades which makes scenery looks like "water heaven”. Depending on which period of the year you are conducting this tour, please note that Vranica mountain is very famous for various kinds of mushrooms, cranberries and blueberries so some of them can easily be on our "foodie menu” Once on top, stunning views with numerous mountain plateaus and peaks in our eyesight will surely take our breath away. Then, our 3-4 hour hard work will pay off and we’ll finally get to taste local food we brought all the way up, enjoying amazing scenery. Hot local tea will be out of this world as well. After rest, it will be time to head down, and this time will be bit easy and different trail will be taken. As soon as we are back to Prokoško Lake we’ll organise local lunch, something unmissable when out in these areas. We’ll learn more about how certain types of Prokoško cheese are being made, how general shepherd life at Vranica mountain looks like and what happens when winter season is there. Cultural insight is quite important, to understand how life was, and is today. Village itself has unique mosque, possibly highest one in whole of Europe at altitude of 1666 m.a.s.l. and is possible to visit. Later on we go back to Sarajevo for around 1.30 hour ride, expecting to be back around 6 - 7 PM. This day – tour is ideal for middle to advance hikers and will offer some of the regions most amazing scenery especially views of Prokosko Lake area. For mountain biking lovers, this tour is simply amazing option and can offer wide range of activities and distances covered with bit different itinerary.
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Ideal hiking destination for any true nature lover who seeks amazing scenery, untouched nature and understanding of Bosnian rural/nomad village life.
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