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River Una is one of the most beautiful and cleanest on the world. We can offer you couple different stages: R1 Strbacki Buk-Racic This stage is one of the royal stages of the river Una.

Start of the stage represents the most challenging part, starting below 23.5 meter Štrbačkog Buka. Through the stage you have the opportunity to see the natural caves, sources of drinking water whose temperature is only 7 ° C, which is a clear indication of potability of the river Una through the whole stage. Besides the natural beauty you will have the opportunity to enjoy the numerous jumps from the rocks and bridges. Length stages is 15 km and takes about 4 hours. R2 Kostela Grmusa The second stage offers an ideal stage for holidays, swimming and socializing. Una is in this part of the much warmer and therefore more convenient for swimming. Length of stages is 15 km and takes 3 hours. Along the stage rafting on the rapids and waterfalls that are ideal for swimming adventure. Stage warmly recommend the families and groups want a real vacation and swimming. R3 Kostela – Salihovac Stage that we recommend rafters of all ages. It is a stage of moderate category, which is suitable for swimming on river rapids. The route runs from 1.5 to 2 hours a length of 10 km, so if you are passing through and want a short rafting experience, this is ideal for you because after a short pause you can continue your journey. It is noteworthy that at this stage last year held the European Junior Championships in kayak on wild waters. R4 Kostela – Bosanska Krupa The longest of all four stages, the length of 24 km and takes about 5-6 hours. This stage includes all of the above from the previous two stages and is recommended as a full day rafting experience. Sail through the famous grmuški Canyon, which is one of the true jewels of Krajina.
Hotel Kostelski Buk
Drowned in the naturally inimitable ambience, decorated with cascades of river Una, hotel Kostelski Buk is a unique oasis for a break from the fast pace of life.
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In practice, we often encounter situations when the event is organized by the company itself because it does not seem as an issue. “ The hall shall just be rented, we should come up with some program and send invitations”.
Elvira Xhema, Norway
Kindergarten teacher
“Traveling with a group is never an easy task, but Velvet Life made it very enjoyable and stressless."
“Traveling with a group is never an easy task, but Velvet Life made it very enjoyable and stressless. We loved Bosnia and all the nature it possesses. The part that made our trip even more relaxed is the fact we had a very luxurious van to travel with and a driver that was available to us 24/7. We are looking forward to come back to Bosnia with Velvet Life.”
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Maida Saracevic, Norway
kindergarten teacher
“Thank you Velvet Life for showing to me yet another beauty of my country.”
“I have been to Bosnia many times so far, since it is the country where I come from but Velvet Life made is possible even to surprise me with new and astonishing places in my own country. They were very professional, kind and innovative. Thank you Velvet Life for showing to me yet another beauty of my country.”
Visited : AL, AT, BA, HR, HU, ME, RS, SI
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