Destination: Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The town is 239m above sea level, stretching across an area of approximately 15 km2. The city's population is approximately 100,000 but the greater municipal area has over 170,000 inhabitants.

Tuzla is the economic, scientific, cultural, education, health and tourist centre of northeast Bosnia. The settlement of Tuzla has always been closely tied to its salt resources. The oldest written records, left behind by Greek, prove that even they were aware of the regions' salts. Tuzla received its name much later. The present-day name is derived from the Turkish word Tuz, meaning salt. The first Ottoman document recording the exploitation of Tuzla's saltwater springs dates from 1548.

Tuzla fountain
Tuzla has long been known as a waterless city. Therefor, a big fountain (česma) was installed sometimes during Turkish rule on what used to be the main square.
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“I have always loved traveling and exploring; and Bosnia was definitely an unexplored gem in the middle of Europe. The people, culture, and way of thinking and living were just incredible. Thank you Velvet Life for showing me this amazing country”
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“I have been to Bosnia couple of times but the time with Velvet Life was definitely the best. Velvet Life managed to show me places I have never seen before and probably would have never found them if I planned the trip by myself. Thank you for your professionalism. "
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Spirit of Bosnia
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Sarajevo, November 24, 2016
Welcome to Bosnia and Herzegovina: country of long tradition, tolerance and spirit of diverse society...