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Bjelasnica as one of the most beautiful mountains has a lot of offer. Hiking day tour from village Umoljani to village Lukomir as highest living semi-nomad village in Balkans is simpy must do for any nature lover.

Stunning views of Rakitnica canyon, amazing scenery of Bjelasnica mountain, one of a kind history and culture of local communities, and bit of mythology and much more at one unique place are altogether welcoming you to join us. This tour will begin with ride from Sarajevo (8:30 AM) to Umoljani village, accross Bjelašnica mountain which in the same time is Olympic mountain and one of the most amazing in Bosnia and Herzegovina. After approx. 1+ hour ride once we reach Umoljani, we shall determine which hiking option we want to do: easier one or harder one. Easier option is available to anyone of lower medium, even low fitness level and would require total of 4 hours hike. Mainly it include car ride on macadam road to Lukomir village, where after we explore the village, local traditions, meet the people and taste some tasty coffee and local herbs tea with honey, bought some handicrafts, got breath-taken away by amazing views of Rakitnica Canyon, learnt the stories of Bosnian medieval tombstones (Stecci) we are ready for hike which will take us through amazing scenery of Rakitnica Canyon and will pay visit to stunning waterfall of Peruce, before we reach Studeni Potok and Umoljani village. This option does not have any majory altitude differences (ups and downs), except if you are willing to reach Peruce waterfall, when it becomes bit more requiring. Other than that it is mostly easy, mainly flat and pleasant walk. Harder option (which is our favorite by the way) is offering much, much more, and is adjusted for people with medium to high fitness level.When we leave our car at Umoljani village we will start our, firstly one way rouhgly 3-4 hour long hike, to reach Lukomir village. Trail will take us from starting point of roughly 1275 meters (Umoljani) to peak of Obalj at around 1900 meteres with more then 600 meters of altitude gain. All this heavy work will pay of once on top, as views of Studeni Potok along the way, Rakitnica Canyon and mountains of Treskavica, Visocica and ultimate peak of Bjelasnica mountain with numerous small villages in distance will be simply stunning. After some rest and full time body and spirit enjoyment we are ready to hike down to Lukomir village at altitude of 1500 which will be "one of a kind" story as well. Once there we go for a deserved resting time, having local coffee, and some food as well. Please note that depending on time of the year we can get lucky to have fields of bluberries, rose-hip, certain types of mushrooms, thyme or other plant species around us free to pick up. Lukomir is highest and most of the year inhabited (except in recent years, during heavy winter season when locals leave village until early spring) and most isolated nomad village in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Second part of this harder option will be same as easier option. After exploring Lukomir village, it will mainly be pleasant 3 hours hike to Umoljani village through Canyong of Rakitnica river and amazing explorations of Peruce waterfall, Studeni Potok (Cold Creek) as one of the most beautiful valleys in whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina and story of "Umoljani Dragon". In the end of the day we ll do around 7-8 hours hike, which will surely be worth it all. Umoljani village is mostly known for few things: Stoned Dragon, Mosque and Sarajevo Haggadah and Studeni Potok (Cold Creek). Once we reach Umoljani again prepare yourself for truly amazing local lunch: Krompirusa (potato made pie) of Sirnica (Chees made pie) and Burek (meat made pie), with again local yoghurt and salat. After, we head it to Sarajevo, where approximate time of arrival for easy option is around 17:00 and for harder option around 19.00 hours.
Lukomir is the highest altitude and most remote village in the entire country.
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“Bosnia is an astonishing country, very warm and welcoming..."
“Bosnia is an astonishing country, very warm and welcoming. Our tour and tour guide were great, I very much appreciated all the help he provided to us. Thank you Velvet Life for making our trip perfect.”
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“We all fell in love with Bosnia and Croatia, due to excellent and personalized service..."
“We all fell in love with Bosnia and Croatia, due to excellent and personalized service by the tour guide. We are already promoting Velvet Life to our Ellias Couture customers and friends. One of amazing VL tour guides is already planning our next trip with my cycling group, and we must have him as our guide, because he’s good at sports too!”
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