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Spirit of Bosnia

by Selma Ajnadžić Sarajevo, November 24, 2016

Welcome to Bosnia and Herzegovina: country of long tradition, tolerance and spirit of diverse society. No country on Balkan Peninsula embraces diversity and tolerance more than B&H does. The religious and ethnic diversity is enshrined in all spheres of life, reflective particularly in its capital of Sarajevo.

What fascinates every visitor is noticing mosques, synagogue, a Catholic church and an Orthodox church all in the same block of  Sarajevo’s downtown!  People of Bosnia and Herzegovina have been living together in peaceful and stable societies for centuries, thus embracing mutual respect and co-existence - unique in this part of the world!                                                             

Upon your first visit to Bosnia, you will feel melange of long historic imprints and modern architecture, blends of Eastern and Western influences, as well as of tradition and innovation. One moment you may feel as if walking down Istanbul streets, while another corner will surprise you with Western European influences. Bosnia and Herzegovina is truly meeting point of different civilizations, enriching and complementing each other in most mesmerizing way.

From the very moment you arrive, and throughout your journey, you will be amazed by people’s hospitality. Bosnians are known as the most hospitable and friendly people in the region. You will feel as if you are at home as locals will ensure you are familiar with the culture, daily routines and small tips in order to fully enjoy your holiday. If by chance you are hosted by our locals, you will be offered by variety of delicacies and treated as family member who visited from abroad!

No holiday will be enough to meet Bosnian’s unprecedented natural resources and to visit its beautiful cities across the country. Choose any season and you will find something suitable for you to travel at any time of the year! Choose between snowy mountain peeks of Jahorina or Bjelasnica, stunning Mostar’s Old Bridge or picturesque Blagaj and Kravice Waterfalls being perfect for intense summer sunshine beats, or appealing countryside of Bihac!  Perfect for hiking, cycling, paragliding, rafting, or in winter- skiing, snwboarding and variety of activities! And there is also a portion of Adriatic coast you can visit, if you are simply sea lover who wants to complete journey with some sunbathing and beach activities! This is just the beginning of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s rich offer!

The epic sceneries of its rocky mountains, valley drives and blue waters represent natural wonders.  The favorable and mild Mediterranean climate, its peaceful and safe environment and unique cuisine will take your breath away. Meat-lover as Bosnians are, or vegetarian- you will undoubtedly find delicacies for yourself in Bosnian rich and diverse cuisine. Bear in mind that Bosnia & Herzegovina is top destination for halal tourism, so again it is heaven for all tastes and senses!  Not only food is generally cheap in comparison to regional prices, but also clothing and variety of accessories can be bought for very affordable prices. If you are shopaholic (and who is not?), enjoy traditional and amazing craftsmanship of handmade copper goods, carpets, weaves and jewelry- all per cheap prices! Indulge in tiny shops in Old Town areas and listen to the melody of artisans, goldsmiths and cobblers’  craftsmenship. If you are more interested in renown and fancy shopping, cities of Mostar and Sarajevo will provide you with the best offer of shopping malls! It really depends on your preference, but no visitor is left without options except the one- to fall in love with this small Earth’s heaven and its landscapes and to eat and drink well!

Coffee culture is one of greatest Bosnian prides! It may seem odd without actually experiencing it and feeling the country’s everday heartbeat. Having coffee is a lifestyle, a tradition, everyday ritual that requires special devotion. Either informal chat with a friend or a business meeting, Bosnians cannot imagine it without their favourite drink. Your stay in Bosnia would be incomplete without ritual of having cup of coffee: nibble on the sugar cube before sips rather than drop it into the coffee itself. Although it does resemble Turkish influence, never call it Turkish coffee as it has its own tradition and method of preparing! Follow detailed instructions and don’t miss this ritual of indulging in Bosnia’s coffee culture and relaxing with beloved ones.                     

Board your happiness while choosing Bosnia and Herzegovina for your next journey!

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Colleen Logie, Canada
“Bosnia is an astonishing country, very warm and welcoming..."
“Bosnia is an astonishing country, very warm and welcoming. Our tour and tour guide were great, I very much appreciated all the help he provided to us. Thank you Velvet Life for making our trip perfect.”
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Leila Larsen, Norway
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“I have been to Bosnia couple of times but the time with Velvet Life was definitely the best. Velvet Life managed to show me places I have never seen before and probably would have never found them if I planned the trip by myself. Thank you for your professionalism. "
Visited : AL, AT, BA, HR, HU, ME, RS, SI
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Spirit of Bosnia
by Selma Ajnadžić
Sarajevo, November 24, 2016
Welcome to Bosnia and Herzegovina: country of long tradition, tolerance and spirit of diverse society...