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What makes us distinct?

Bespoke quality of our service, professionalism of our staff and uniqueness of our travel offers reflect Velvet Life’s distinctiveness.

Velvet Life sets standard of prestigious care for clients during every aspect of their travel. With deluxe travel packages, pre-travel services covering airfare and accommodation arrangements and management of all other details of travel, Velvet Life introduces new wave of luxurious travel experience.


Our devotion to details, luxury concierge service, and exclusive taste for sophistication will provide special treatment to our clients as they deserve. Clients’ satisfaction and representing beauty of Bosnia and Herzegovina in an unsurpassed manner are our greatest award.
Sit back and relax
In practice, we often encounter situations when the event is organized by the company itself because it does not seem as an issue. “ The hall shall just be rented, we should come up with some program and send invitations”.
Leila Larsen, Norway
Insurance consultant
"Thank you for your professionalism"
“I have been to Bosnia couple of times but the time with Velvet Life was definitely the best. Velvet Life managed to show me places I have never seen before and probably would have never found them if I planned the trip by myself. Thank you for your professionalism. "
Visited : AL, AT, BA, HR, HU, ME, RS, SI
Colleen Logie, Canada
“Bosnia is an astonishing country, very warm and welcoming..."
“Bosnia is an astonishing country, very warm and welcoming. Our tour and tour guide were great, I very much appreciated all the help he provided to us. Thank you Velvet Life for making our trip perfect.”
Visited : AL, AT, BA, HR, HU, ME, RS, SI
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Spirit of Bosnia
by Selma Ajnadžić
Sarajevo, November 24, 2016
Welcome to Bosnia and Herzegovina: country of long tradition, tolerance and spirit of diverse society...